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Matt Kaiser



Matthew Kaiser is a writer, illustrator, web designer and filmmaker from Long Island, NY who has returned to NYC by way of North Carolina. While his undergraduate experiences tend to the study of romanticism, contemporary American fiction and Journalism, he considers his education to have originally stemmed from a borderline-unhealthy childhood fascination with horror, grindhouse and fantasy.


As his tastes matured, he obsessed with broadening his experience with film and media, finding there a consistent escape from the apathy of mundane, day-to-day existence. The restlessness of his writing style is mirrored in the broad scope of interests he indulges in, as well as his general approach to the world.



I love that which is hyperbolic; ornate material, bright colors, deeply layered sound, intricate design. I want to use these things to produce beautiful and spectacular eyesores. I want to tell stories that convey truths using exaggeration of reality. Aesthetics should always come first in my opinion.