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Clare Richardson


Originally from Los Angeles, Clare Richardson currently works as Programming Coordinator at BBC America  Previously, she has worked for companies such as Sony Pictures Classics, IFC Films, Creative Capital, and most recently Independent Filmmaker Project in New York City.


In 2015, Clare completed her Masters in Film Studies at Columbia University. Her thesis, "Director's Directors Directing Director's Directors", juxtaposed star theory and auteur theory by examining the roles of auteur directors acting in other auteur director's films.  


She is in New York by way of Baltimore, where she completed her undergraduate studies at Johns Hopkins and received her B.A. in both Film & Media Studies and Writing Seminars.  


 She's also a Sundance vet with ten plus years under her belt. 





Some of my earliest memories are of running around movie theaters in the final days of construction before their grand opening. I remember racing up and down aisles of the empty auditoriums over and over, watching the mammoth film projectors being installed, and sneaking into the concession storage room to find bags of popcorn kernels taller than I was. I’m indebted to my father for bringing his work home and introducing me to film at a young age. 


At nine years old, I was way too young to understand the greater meaning of why an old man would ride a lawnmower across the country in The Straight Story, but the fact remains that I saw my first Lynch before my 10th birthday. Film has always had an important, pivotal role in my life.


Theory and practice are inextricably linked. I believe those who make films and those who watch films ought to be more preoccupied and conscious of this relationship, to embrace it and attempt to understand it in all of its peculiarities. It’s certainly something I strive for in all aspects of my work, and I seek others who want to complicate this relationship with me.